Selective Christianity & Discipleship:

Why are you confused about your faith? Whoever wants to be first, must be last, and servant of all.

It’s funny how people get confused about Christianity and over complicate our faith. Don’t overlook the necessary things and only recognize the good. Our Christianity is not confusing. If you want to be #1, you have got to be last. So if you want to be first, go to the back of the line and serve all those who are in front of you. That is “Discipleship 101” and what Christianity boils down to in a nutshell: Be A Servant!

I am always leery of men and women who want to run and preach in the pulpit. They see the suits, lights, microphone, the choir on Sunday mornings and think that this is all that ministry is about. But I do this about 20 minutes one-time a week. Do you want to know what I do the rest of the 6-7 days of the week . . . Serve! I give hope, love, and encouragement, meeting with people suffering from a death, a divorce, or another of many other issues where I pray with them to give inspiration for a brighter day. Is it difficult? – WATCH VIDEO ABOVE – LISTEN NOW.

Don’t step over people, look past people, or look through people for if we are to call ourselves Christians, we must always, in some way, help.

SENIOR PASTOR:  Rev. Carlton Rhoden
LAST WEEKS AUDIO SERMON:  “The Power Of The Tongue “