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Our Beginnings

Westminster Presbyterian Church began with eighteen imaginative “Colored” people who were inclined to the Presbyterian order of service and organization. These eighteen were so inclined because of their background, training and education roots from schools operated by the Presbyterian Church in the Carolinas. They began holding services in the Central Presbyterian Church on Sunday afternoons. This new church development committee appealed to the then Los Angeles Presbytery to come under “care and development” and on October 9, 1904, after the eighteen were received by either confession of faith or baptism and examined, the process for Presbyterian membership officially began. On October 21, 1904, the organizational work was finalized and “the church was reported to the Presbytery of Los Angeles and ordered enrolled in the “Presbytery”.

The new Westminster Presbyterian Church not only marked the birth of a Colored Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles, it was also to be the first of its kind in the state of California and west of the Mississippi. In 1906, land was purchased at West 35th Place and Denker Avenue. The first Westminster Presbyterian Church was erected. The young, growing church, under the care of the Presbytery, extended the first call to pastor, Rev. Robert W. Holman . . . READ MORE

Meet Our Church Leadership & Staff

We are so blessed to have such hardworking and dedicated support at Westminster Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles.  Our village is only as healthy as its leaders and we’ve got the best giving their guidance, and passionate devotion.  We’re a community of faith, hope, love, and witness.

Pastor & Staff

Rev. Carlton Rhoden
Rev. Carlton RhodenPastor Rhoden / Head of Staff
Pastor Carlton Rhoden has been pastoring Westminster since April 2014. He brings innovation, excitement and a deep love for Christ to our congregation. Click to Learn More About the Pastor
Bonita Thornton
Bonita ThorntonAdministration Assistant
Bonita Thornton has worked for Northrop Grumman for several years before retiring. She currently works part-time providing exceptionally strong support and stability to the staff of Westminster Presbyterian.
Jacquelins S. Newbon
Jacquelins S. NewbonComptroller
Elder Jacque Newbon started serving as comptroller out of love and gratitude to God. More than 20+ years and she still serves in that manner and attitude.
Jason Floyd
Jason FloydYouth Coordinator
Jason Floyd is also new to Westminster. He comes with love, passion, and the right amount of energy to work with our youth. His enthusiasm is as contagious as the pastors.
Austin Esbend
Austin EsbendSexton
As Austin Esbend goes about his sexton duties, we are refreshed by his positive manner. Austin carries out the tasks with consistency and a humble attitude.


The session is the council for the congregation. It is composed of persons elected by the congregation to active service as ruling elders, together with all installed pastors and associate pastors. The session has responsibility for governing the congregation and guiding its witness to the sovereign activity of God in the world, so that the congregation is and becomes a community of faith, hope, love, and witness.
Rev. Carlton Rhoden
Rev. Carlton RhodenModerator/ Teaching Elder
Pastor Carlton Rhoden has been pastoring Westminster since April 2014. He brings innovation, excitement and a deep love for Christ to our congregation. Click to Learn More About the Pastor
Angelia B. Grey
Angelia B. GreyRuling Elder
Ministry of Spiritual Growth Chairperson
Jerelene D. Wells
Jerelene D. WellsRuling Elder
Ministry of Administration
Elizabeth C. Hicks
Elizabeth C. HicksClerk of Session
Clerk / District Elder
Patricia A. Brown
Patricia A. BrownRuling Elder
Ministry of Worship and Music Chairperson
Karen Heads
Karen HeadsRuling Elder
Ministry of Administration
Olivia C. Fields
Olivia C. FieldsRuling Elder
Ministry of Evangelism Co-Chairperson
Jacquelins S. Newbon
Jacquelins S. NewbonRuling Elder
Ministry of Evangelism Co-Chairperson
Pamela Thigpen
Pamela ThigpenRuling Elder
Ministry of Stewardship Chairperson

The Board of Deacons

The primary mission is to witness to the mercy of God and to the love of Christ by providing comfort and care to the congregation and community. The Deacons, on behalf of the Session and congregation, support charities throughout the city, provide lunches to our community, and also provide food baskets during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Deacons prepare the elements (Bread and Wine) for the Lord’s Supper.  LEARN MORE about our Servant Evangelism

Church Mission Statement

In all we do and say let us: Glorify the Triune God (Father, Son, and Spirit.); prepare and nurture disciples; serve beyond the walls of the church locally and globally.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be intentional in developing a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ to the end that we will reach beyond the walls of this church to serve the community.

Community Outreach

Youth Activities 90%
Feed the Hungry 95%
Senior Housing 85%