New Officers’ Training

Our meeting together will be on …TBA at 10: 00 a.m.. It is extremely important to participate in the Officer Training Session.  Important topics will be covered and our meeting will provide a time for you to not only get to know one another, but to also build a strong relationship for working and leading together. Having an ordered ministry is essential for the Presbyterian Church. What is ordered ministry? You’ll find the answer in the training and via the training materials from Theoacademy below where a number of our training units will come from.

New officers are to view all training documents and videos before attending the scheduled training session.  Coming unprepared for your training session is not advisable as it will be an exemplary to your ability to lead.   It is your due diligence to complete and review all of the training material prior to attending the training.   As such, it is your responsibility to make this training a priority.




Training Documents & Videos

All documents must be read before your training session.

Lesson One:  Ordered Ministry

Lesson Two: Being Leaders

Lesson Three: Who is the Church?

Lesson Four: What is the Church?

Lesson Five: Being a Confessional Church

Lesson Six: The Confessions

Lesson Seven: A Brief Statement of Faith

Lesson Eight: Principles of Order and Government

Lesson Nine:  The Councils of the Church

Lesson Ten:  The Dynamics of Worship

Lesson Eleven : The Word in Worship

Lesson Twelve: The Sacraments in Worship

Lesson Thirteen: Prayer and Song in Worship


What is the 1st introduction people have to the church?


For most people, it is the prayers and music in worship that are the introduction to our community of faith.


How do Deacons help us learn?


By their very example of compassion, witness, and service in and outside of the church.


Why is the presbytery important?


It is fundamentally biblical in that no congregation exists alone but is part of a broader community of people that supports and strengthens one another to be faithful in God’s mission in the world.


How does A Brief Statement of Faith begin?


In life and death we belong to God.