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PASTOR’S PRAYER – Lord, we come to you . . .

Lord we come to you at this time asking for your direction, protection, and mercy. Watch over our communities, our church, our homes, our state, our country, and our world. Be with those who are serving the ill, be with those who are suffering and seeking help and assistance but are unable to find it. [...]

MINISTER’S MESSAGE: Advent – The Key to it ALL

ADVENT: THE KEY TO IT ALL The following words are not my own, I found them while doing my advent meditation for this season.  I’m uncertain who wrote them, but the insight is profound and worthy to be shared. Please enjoy them as I did! Pastor Rhoden ADVENT SEASON: UNLOCKING THE REASON I’m sure [...]

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MINISTER’S MESSAGE: I’m Terrified of the Racism Happening In America

RACISM IN AMERICA “Go back to where you came from!” “If you don’t like it here, you can leave!” I’m not sure if you have heard these words before, but I have.  It comes as a warning to those who do not view the world in the same way as others.  Plainly it is [...]

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SPRING CLEANING: Have You Looked Into Your Spiritual Closet?

Spring Cleaning A LOOK INSIDE YOUR EMOTIONAL CLOSET Spring Cleaning is a ritual in my house and has been this way since I was a child, as I watched my grandmother clean out the basement of her house. Subsequently, I have taken on a similar practice in my house. We go through our closets [...]

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Although, it’s funny that something as straightforward as forgiveness can actually be quite complicated. Saying the words “I forgive you” does not seem like a huge undertaken. But all of us know that there is much more to the process of forgiveness than just saying three little words. Biblical Examples of Forgiveness There are lots [...]

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VIDEO – SERMON: Christianity & Discipleship 101 – “If Anyone Would Be First”

Selective Christianity & Discipleship: Why are you confused about your faith? Whoever wants to be first, must be last, and servant of all. It's funny how people get confused about Christianity and over complicate our faith. Don't overlook the necessary things and only recognize the good. Our Christianity is not confusing. If you want to [...]

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PRIORITIES: Where do you spend your money?

Where we spend our money reflects our priorities. This applies to our homes, churches, workplaces, and our nation.  It is often stated that if you want to know where a person’s priorities lie look at where they spend their money. Do we value education, safety, entertainment?  What is it? Hopefully we place a high value [...]

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Give It A Rest! Should You Take A Sabbatical?

I was recently given this article by a dear friend who has left the ministry because of fatigue and burnout. Since he has left the ministry, he often calls me and sends these articles trying to help me understand the importance of taking time to rest. I do my best to listen but understand that [...]

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Join us for Sunday Worship Service

Our services offer a loving and healing worship experience with the encouraging presence of God for all. We pray that all who come to worship with us will find an uplifting place of worship.

LOCATION: Westminster Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles
2230 West Jefferson Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90018
Phone: (323) 734-1566
Click here for Bible Study times and information.

Remix Contemporary Worship Service Events

Remix Westminster is a contemporary worship service that takes place every fourth Sunday at 3:00 pm. This service is a new expression of the gospel message that incorporates different styles of worship (spoken word, Christian hip hop, praise dance etc.) and testimonies from the people in our community.

LOCATION: Westminster Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles
2230 West Jefferson Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90018
4th Sundays: 3:00 pm
Click here for Remix Videos