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Westminster Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles invites you to experience Virtual Worship. Scroll the page to participate in Virtual Sunday Worship and join us on Sunday’s at noon for the Fellowship Coffee Hour on Zoom.  Today is also Communion Sunday.  In preparation, grab your cup and bread to participate in communion with us today.  See you soon.

Shhh, Virtual Worship is Starting

Opening Prayer:

God be all glory, the One who visits us in three persons, the Holy Trinity of hope and love.  For there is no place which is without you, O God, and no time when you are not there.  For you are the beginning and the end, the source of all that is in the wonder of universal life.  And yet, you take us by the hand and lead us, as the life of Christ walks our human way and shows us that life is stronger than death.  In the Holy Spirit, we are gifted, again and again, and are called onward toward a future in which we are surrounded with love and grace.  We praise and worship you, O God, for there is no other God like yous.


Opening Praise:

Praise You In This Storm” – Casting Crowns



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Bible Study:
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Fellowship Coffee Hour:
Fellowship with Westminster Family Sunday at 12:00, let’s join one another for a check in and fellowship following the morning virtual worship service via zoom.

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Prayers of the People:

God of holy hospitality, you make the world your neighborhood. Opening yourself to all, you care for those in special need, of body, mind or soul. As those who long to re-create your beloved community, we discover many neighbors, far and near, many in great need.

Today we remember neighbors near and far, those around the corner and those around the world. We lift up those in our community and those around the world who are injured or sick, who long for your healing…whose disagreements bring discord … whose differences keep them from seeing their common humanity … For all of our neighbors, Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Jesus our Host, you tell us that the door is open to anyone who knocks. You invite us to gather around your table to share the meal that you have prepared. Help us to live as neighbors with all those who eat with us, and with all those who long to eat. Teach us also to create a new community with those who eat in other houses, around other tables. Unite us with brothers and sisters everywhere, as neighbors of yours, and ours. We pray in your name.


Offertory Prayer:

Source of life, may the works of our hands bring you honor. May the life we live reflect the risen Word of life. May the service we offer be inspired by the Breath of life.


Offering Song:

“Strong God” – Kirk Franklin

Tithes and offerings:

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Sermonic Songs:

“We Need You Right Now Lord” – Donny Hathaway


“Get Your Knee Off Of My Neck”
By Pastor Carlton Rhoden

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“He Looked Beyond My Faults (And Saw My Needs)” – Dottie Rambo

Call to Confession:

We know that we have not lived according to God’s desires for us. The brokenness in the world, and the sin and despair in our hearts, threaten to consume us as a mighty flood. Yet God is our hope and our firm foundation. Let us confess our sin before our gracious God.

Prayer of Confession:

Creating God, in love you moved over the waters of chaos and separated sea from dry land. And yet, we cling tightly to rigid boundaries of our own making. You claim us in the waters of baptism and declare us dead to sin and alive in Christ. But too often we deny that call, conforming ourselves to the whims of culture. At Pentecost, you released your wild and transforming spirit to flow through church and world. But we want to tame that wildness, channeling your spirit through banks of ordered safety. Transform us, we pray. Soften the unyielding edges of our hearts. Loosen our grip on “the way it’s always been” and prepare us for the joy of “the way it still can be,” through Jesus Christ.

Assurance of Pardon:

Friends, hear this good news. Jesus Christ is our ark! His power is unequaled, his grace is unrestrained, his strength is steadfast, and his embrace is sufficient to carry all that we are and hope to be. Friends, believe the good news! In Jesus Christ we are forgiven.



“God Is Good” – Jonathan McReynolds

Closing Prayer:

Let your lives witness to Christ’s love.
Let your words bring reconciliation.
Let your thoughts be of peace.
Let your touch bring healing.
Let your actions count for justice.
Be a sign of hope and a beacon of joy.
Go and may God’s blessing go with you.


We hope you enjoyed Virtual Sunday Worship.