There was a sort of pecking order among Jesus’ disciples.  Peter, along with James and John, the sons of Zebadee, were three that Jesus turned to quite frequently.  But some, after their initial choosing, we never hear from by name again.  Whatever happened to Simon the Zealot?  Bartholomew?

But though Jesus chose Peter, James and John as companions during some very pivotal events, like the Transfiguration and the final vigil at Gethsemanee, they, like the other disciples, often missed the point and fell short.

In the final hours before the crucifixion, just when Jesus needed him the most, Peter denied Jesus not once, but three times!

I believe this is extraordinarily good news for the rest of us.  It is for me.  Because I know that however hard I have tried, I have denied Jesus in countless different ways.

Part of the genius of Jesus’ ministry was that he chose followers who were committed to his Kingdom, but were also flawed human beings that we can all relate to.

So, I am glad that Peter denied Jesus!  Because that means that, whatever our failings, there’s hope for the rest of us!

We are forgiven.


By David Evans