Join us for Sunday Worship Service

Our services offer a loving and healing worship experience with the encouraging presence of God for all. We pray that all who come to worship with us will find an uplifting place of worship.

LOCATION: Westminster Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles
2230 West Jefferson Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90018
Phone: (323) 734-1566
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Remix Contemporary Worship Service Events

Remix Westminster is a contemporary worship service that takes place every fourth Sunday at 3:00 pm. This service is a new expression of the gospel message that incorporates different styles of worship (spoken word, Christian hip hop, praise dance etc.) and testimonies from the people in our community.

LOCATION: Westminster Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles
2230 West Jefferson Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90018
4th Sundays: 3:00 pm
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Pastor’s Blog

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Be Still – Slow Down & Enjoy the New Year

A new year has begun!  And with the beginning of any new year, there is always a sense of hope—“This year will be a better than the last” or “Time for a fresh start!” Hopefully your new year has brought you something to celebrate and something to look forward to in the coming months. A [...]

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What Have You Been Reading?

Summer break for me is over, but I realized how much I've missed reading for fun. Life is busy, but I have had time to read some pretty interesting books.  One of my interest is discovering new books and new authors.  So basically, what have you been reading? ~ Anything recently published? ~ Surprisingly fascinating [...]

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Be Still

Life is full of unintended consequences, both good and bad. We’ve all had times of providence and grace, in which a chance meeting bears rich fruit in the future. Think of those moments when you bump into someone at a store or on the sidewalk, and from that conversation a special blessing later comes your [...]

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Stop Worrying and Start Living

I’m a worrier!!!  You can ask my wife.  It can keep me up at night.  All night!  Yes, I have learned and I know that worrying cannot add a moment of life to anyone.  But yet I still worry.  I’ve been a worrier since I could remember, I was trained from an early age to [...]

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Reflection after Election: 45th President of the United States of America is Donald Trump

It is 1pm on November 9, 2016. The day after our Presidential election. I've had sometime to calm down and process my feelings and thoughts. As I sat with Nikki watching the poll results amazed and befuddled as to what I was watching I was confused. Like many people my thoughts ran too where can [...]

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Understanding our Mission

What are we here to do? If you can’t answer that question, you can’t lead people. Which is why our mission statement is crucial. A little over a decade ago, mission statements were the hot thing in the business world. Hundreds of books, conferences and seminars abounded – which honestly complicated the matter beyond all [...]

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The Christmas Double Down

If you've been looking ahead at the calendar for Advent and Christmas this year, you already know that Christmas Eve is on Saturday and Christmas Day is on Sunday. I'm not sure which is more taxing on the preacher's body and soul -- having Christmas Eve on a Sunday, where you are preaching multiple services [...]

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We’re in the Presbyterian Mission Year Book

On July 16, 2016, The Presbyterian Mission Agency featured Westminster Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles and Pastor Carlton Rhoden's views on embracing the community. "Los Angeles Pastor Explores Value of Community Connections Carlton Rhoden has challenging responsibilities as pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles. Longtime residents of the inner city have witnessed an [...]

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Pastor Rhoden calls for support of Urban Ministry

On June 21st, Pastor Rhoden, pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles, spoke at the General Assembly Compassion, Peace, and Justice dinner event.  During this 222nd General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, Pastor Rhoden called for support of the Urban Ministry. In an article by Bob Sloan on the site, Pastor Rhoden is [...]

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Pastor Rhoden Live Broadcast Interview on the LA Praise Network

Tune in on  Sunday  6/19/2016 @  8:30pm, as Pastor Carlton Rhoden of Westminster Presbyterian Church will be interviewed on the live broadcast of the LA Praise Network

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